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Hamilton second national US tour starts in 2017, find more info at hamiltontickets.org.

Whether or not women said this in the day (Abigail Adams, in fact, urged her husband to remember the ladies while creating their new country), they have a voice now in this uppity character. Lorens tells both men and women to rise up, adding the line tell your sister, suggesting it’s her revolution too. Historically a few women like Sarah Bishop went to war and others like Molly Pitcher loaded cannons. But housewives did contribute, donating their family pewter and their rooves for bullets. Later, Burr campaigns, reminding women to tell your husbands – they did not have the vote, but they could thus influence the political process.

And while the story of the founding fathers is a story about men, Miranda makes a real effort to give Angelica and Eliza Schuyler more agency and inner life than they are typically granted. Blankenbuehler also creates plenty of gender-neutral dancing. While conventions reign in scenes like the ball at which Hamilton meets the Schuyler sisters—which segues beautifully into Hamilton and Eliza’s wedding, as seen through Angelica’s eyes—in the battle sequences, men and women make up the battalions, and their putty-colored breeches and vests match, too.

Eliza is a gentle, retiring wife, happy to stay at home and raise the children. She spends the story urging Hamilton into domesticity. At the same time, Eliza sings to her husband: Oh, let me be a part of the narrative/In the story they will write some-day (That Would Be Enough). She does not sing the traditional torch song of unrequited love as some heroines do – in the mood of As Long As He Needs Me from Oliver! and On My Own from Les Miserables.

Instead, her solo song is one of quiet determined revenge against her husband in the one way she wants to hurt him – their shared words and legacy. Still, she desires a place in history for herself, much like the one Hamilton is creating. Thus in this musical, she gets to be a part of the narrative in a story that’s most often reserved for Martha Washington and Abigail Adams. She takes over the final song, describing her great deeds like building an orphanage and how she puts herself in the narrative once more.

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